How do I request an editor account?

By becoming an editor on this site, and our partner sites, you will be able to share your own articles on animal nutrition. In particular, this is the solution we have chosen when we are regularly asked how to share interesting content on private groups. However, your contacts will not always want to join these groups. The solution is to present this content on your own articles.

A very fast registration procedure

First, send us a message. If you want to keep your usual email address, you can reach us on Yopmail, but you will have to indicate your identity.

Send us a quick presentation of what motivates you in writing these articles, possibly with the list of sites and Facebook groups you follow.

If your application is accepted, we proceed to create your editor account. If you don’t know WordPress well, it doesn’t matter, you can send your articles by email, we can publish them for you. But your request will of course be in a queue, sometimes you will have to wait.

You are criminally responsible for your content. Check before the publication of your texts if you respect the legislation. We will of course do random checks. Depending on the visibility of your articles, we may republish it on our other media.

Moderation and monitoring of articles

If your purpose is mainly to share content from private groups, from a link, creating an article is the ideal solution, once you have verified that you are entitled to do so.

The status of editor will not be granted to persons identified as being at the origin of recognized crimes, of persons already convicted of defamation, or related to persons concerned by this point, just like persons who have published in the past denigration or defamation, on a general level, and especially concerning us.



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