Videos hosting

Found interesting videos that you want to share and you don’t know how to do it? Do you want to build your own library of videos on the subject of animal nutrition, and you don’t feel like constantly hiring an IT consultant?

We offer IT services for hosting and sharing your videos, or those you have the right to use. We are able to offer you suitable hosting services, some of which are free. If you already have texts and images, just send us this data with our WeTransfer page, and we will make a video that you can then share.

If you need information on a particular subject, we can also offer you video research services on the Web, the Deeb Web, and of course social networks.

You must use these services in accordance with our general and specific conditions.

Regarding Facebook groups, public or private, you may have noticed that the videos are sometimes difficult to read from a mobile. If you have the rights of use, we will be able to republish them on other supports, for a better comfort of use.