URL link for your articles in Petfood

Do you want to share an article that seems interesting to you in the field of animal nutrition? We offer you a personalized URL service.

To use this service, it’s simple! Simply email the article in question, a presentation text, your contact details to click on a validation link, and we will send you a link that you can communicate to your loved ones.

You can attach a screenshot of your page, so that your correspondents can see if it is useful to follow your link: an advantage that you will not find on all sites!

Remember that you share your content under your responsibility.

The goal is not so much to minimize your links, but to offer your correspondents a better user experience. You can use the service to share links to your private Facebook groups by making a brief summary of the articles you want to share, with a screenshot. You authorize the Webmaster of the site to add logos and images to your own images to prevent illegal use.