Petfood Alert

If you are looking for information on a brand of croquettes or pâtés, you will first consult the site of the manufacturer or that of a retailer. But will you have enough information to decide if the brand of wet food or dry food that you are going to choose will be suitable?

You will definitely need reviews and testimonials. To do this, you will browse forums specialized in animal nutrition, and unfortunately sometimes on Facebook groups: you will not be much more informed, because the opinions and testimonials are most often contradictory.

Also, if you read a review posted in 2015, how do you know if it’s still relevant?

So you need summary information.

To help you in this research, we will, with Petfood Alert ® , centralize information on the different ranges and brands of croquettes and pâtés for dogs and cats, with a much simpler and more structured support than Facebook publications, in partnership with the Vigiscore ® service.

We are going to offer these summaries on the Petfood Alert website, dedicated Facebook pages and groups, and above all a Youtube channel. They are accessible free of charge.

For consumers who want summary information on their brand of wet food and usual pet food, we are going to offer Web applications allowing them to read the results of this monitoring from 10 euros per year, per monitored brand. This synthesis will be carried out with the analysis of data on a large number of media, with cross-checks and easy-to-use summaries.