Following nutrition advice shared on Facebook groups that disseminate misleading information means taking the risk of making decisions that could negatively impact your animals.

Sos Petfood does not give nutrition advice, the Webmaster is not an “animal nutrition coach”, and the site does not recommend any brand of web food or dry food.

As consumers, we were initially informed of the existence of supposed risks associated with the consumption of kibble for our animals, and we began to develop an application based on the analysis of labels, and the calculation of carbohydrates.

But as professionals in the search for information, we have been able to verify, during several years of observation of the Petfood world, that the realization of this application was not viable, for several reasons:

  • the composition indications on the kibble packets are not reliable
  • the ENA formula only gives an evaluation of the carbohydrates deducted, and again, without giving the details of these carbohydrates
  • Internet users are manipulated by a lot of fake news in animal nutrition

However, many consumers are looking for reliable information to better feed their animals. In our opinion, there were no animal nutrition resources that were simple to use, accessible to everyone without complex notions, and so we launched several brands in Petfood, with very many attacks from the start of our project, because it demonstrated the manipulations existing in particular on certain private Facebook groups.

We will soon be offering you paid applications, starting at 10 euros per year, to access the content of a regular animal nutrition watch, to allow you to make an informed choice. It is above all a question of not being manipulated by people who have improvised themselves as experts in kibble, with testimonies of miraculous cures which are unverifiable and often dangerous advice, for example those who try to persuade you to stop medical treatment. of your animals.