Sos Petfood is a pet nutrition knowledge base, with analysis of the Web, Deep Web, private Facebook groups, books, scores, comparison charts, reviews and testimonials, a summary of advice from Petfood professionals.

Since we know that the ingredients that make up our own food have an impact on our health, more and more people are interested in what makes up the croquettes and pรขtรฉs that we give to our dogs and cats.

Of course, there are thousands of information on the Internet. But are they reliable? For example, who can explain why we don’t display carbohydrate percentages on kibble packets? And why not have the details of the composition of these carbohydrates? This information must absolutely be cross-checked, and it is a huge task.

There are also many private groups on Facebook specializing in animal nutrition. But how to explain that the explanations often given by animal nutrition professionals are completely contradictory? It’s common to find unreliable information on social media, and you need to have data that you can verify.

We also offer a paid application, which brings together a selection of information that we constantly analyze to provide you with quality and above all verifiable content on the Internet. Subscribers will be able to access this content from a personalized and private space, as part of their user license:

  • A summary of the most active discussions on the web and social networks
  • Videos on animal nutrition
  • A selection of verified content
  • An international pet food press review
  • Checklists
  • Practical advice from speakers and editors on our partner sites

Here are some examples of topics covered on the app:

  • How to choose your wet food and dry food?
  • What about carbohydrates in kibble?
  • How to read the labels?
  • What are the main ingredients in animal nutrition?
  • What about toxic kibble alerts shared on Facebook?

The Sos Petfood application is an e-learning solution, which offers you progressive content, for an effective learning path.